Skkarastanaff is famous for its large selection of the best brand names in carpet; LEES, Bigelow, Evans and Black, Stainmaster, just to name a few. Skaff has the finest products with the longest warranties in the industry, combined with a lifetime guarantee on installation, all so you can make your choice with confidence.

Skaff is part of Carpet One, a partnership of 1000 stores nationwide, who combine purchases to get the lowest prices on floor covering. Skaff goes even further to get the lowest prices, by purchasing truckloads of carpet and flooring. You can choose from hundreds of carpet rolls, pallets of wood, and laminate, rolls of vinyl and hundreds and hundreds of remnants and roll ends. All first quality, all with complete warranties, all at the best prices in the business.

For years families have come to Skaff to get warehouse direct savings on the best brand names in floor covering. Our experts can help you make the best choice for your décor, and how you use your home, and arrange for professional guaranteed installation



For decades this texture has acted as the perfect background for any style room. Subtle texture, moderate to tight twist, this style works in rooms from formal to raucous. Classic carpets have a satin finish that gives only slight variations in color from footprints or vacuuming.

You’ll find any color you want in the classic design. And you can be sure this Classic look will never go out of style or ‘date’ your room.


relaxedOne of the best selling designs for many years, most families have had berber style in their home at some point. With the loop construction, many are atterned and multicolored not only to hide soil and wear, but to add dimension and interest to the floor.

Berbers are available in style from formal to casual, in many colors beyond the usual earth tones. This style is excellent for any room where style and durability are important.



This is the heaviest textured group, with large cabled yarns, multicolored twists, thick and thin textures. Made for rooms that get lots of use and not a lot of fuss over what time the vacuum was run. From the basic texture to the heaviest thickest cabled pile, this style carpet will add comfort to any room.

The Casual style has grown from the basic earth tones to include every color in the spectrum. Whether you want the California Berber look, or just something comfortable and carefree, the Casual look is for you.


inspiredVelvet finishes and lightly textured nap is what you see in this group. The Sophisticated carpet is used in more formal settings, living rooms and dining rooms and bedrooms, where the feel is more ‘dressed up’. Sophisticated styles will show pools of light and dark shades in the nap which add depth and dimension to the room.

Sophisticated carpets are available in almost any color, from deep jewel tones to the most subtle pastels.



If you are looking to make a statement with your carpet, this is the collection for you. The latest designer looks in patterns, multilevel textures, cut and uncut designs, berbers, and more. The boldest colors, the hottest styles, the latest looks; that’s what you’ll find in New Traditions.

New Tradition styles will make your room memorable by adding color and design and dimension. Your rooms will be far from ordinary with this style carpet.

Beautiful Guarantee

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At Skaff, you can be sure the the choice you make for your new flooring will be just what you want.  First, you will have the guidance of a trained flooring specialist, someone you can trust to advise you on the best choice for your needs.  And, Skaff wants to be sure you are completely satisfied with your selection, and that’s why we offer the Beautiful Guarantee.  We promise that you will love the way your new floor looks or we’ll replace it for free.  Including installation.

Ask a Skaff sales professional for more about the Beautiful Guarantee.