• DiningRoomSceneD367-35-01(6)-SD
  • DiningRoomSceneD316-225
  • DiningRoomSceneD386-35-01(6)-60-T-E-SD
  • DiningRoomSceneD697-35-01(6)-60
  • DiningRoomSceneD458-35-01(6)-60-SD
  • DiningRoomSceneD420-35-01(6)-80-SD
  • DiningRoomSceneD442-32-124(6)-T-C-SD
  • DiningRoomSceneD581-35-01(6)-01A(2)-80-81-SD
  • D641-32TB-MOOD-A (1)
  • D557-MOOD-B-SD (1)

Perhaps you are looking for a small casual table and chairs for your dinette? Maybe a pub table with matching stools? Or maybe you need a large formal cherry dining room table with upholstered chairs. No matter what style you need, Skaff has the furniture for your home.

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