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From Sofas to tables, we have what you need to make your living room feel warm.


Skaff has one of the largest selections of recliners around, featuring the best brand in the business. With your choice of styles and colors and fabrics, you won’t be disappointed. Skaff features leather recliners, oversized, and lift chairs too.


Contemporary? Traditional? No matter what style sofa you are looking for, you’ll find a large selection in our huge showroom, all ready for immediate delivery. Matching love seats and chairs too.


Leather has become one of the most popular covers for furniture. Durable, easy to clean, and simple to decorate around, leather is so versatile that all the best brands feature leather in almost every style of furniture.


Sectionals are popular for many reasons; big families love them, they’re perfect for watching TV, and just right for those hard to fit spaces in some rooms. Sectionals are available in many colors and fabrics, including leather and the new microfiber.